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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Protect Home Networks

Wouldn’t it be a great change not to have to take care of protecting your home WiFi network by yourself? Or, wouldn’t it be nice to stop having to call a technician to your home every time a WiFi issue needs to be assessed? With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, this change is real.

AI and machine learning work together to optimize your home WiFi protection and performance. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence, but you rarely see one mentioned without the other. That’s because together, AI and machine learning have powerful cybersecurity benefits.

Machine learning means that machines can learn from data and make decisions based on it without a human telling the machine what to do. This is a lot less scary than it sounds. In fact, this means that with AI and machine learning guarding your WiFi, it becomes more efficient for you to have a wireless home network that is secure and high performing.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning help with cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide security for your home network, cloud, router, endpoint devices and more.

AI and machine learning work together to make managing your home network operations more efficient by identifying new attacks automatically. This way you can troubleshoot them right away.

So, how can you get a tool that supports artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your home network? By subscribing to a managed WiFi solution tool like Optim.

How AI and machine learning to protect your home network

Right up front, here’s a high-level explanation about how Optim’s advanced security uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect you and your home network:

  • Filtering web content like harmful web pages, hacking, spyware and phishing (the ultimate WiFi parental controls)

  • Securing and protecting connected smart home and internet of things (IoT) devices

  • Securing endpoint devices

To further explain how Optim uses AI and machine learning:

Optim helps keep your wireless network secure and performing at its best. Optim uses both artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically identify and fix problems. This way, you can efficiently fix issues (or have a professional help fix issues) and make sure that your home network is as secure as possible. Here’s how it works:

With Optim, the cloud hosts the advanced security protection. When you connect your router to the cloud, any devices that connect to your router are automatically protected.

This advanced, cloud-based cybersecurity is what helps resolve any WiFi issues automatically. (All thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.)

The machine learning technology is what identifies any odd behaviors, malicious threats or hacking attempts.

At the same time, the artificial intelligence technology works to flag any devices that may have had malicious threats or hacking attempts against them. The AI also recognizes reliable websites and content and tries to steer you toward that content to avoid cyberattacks.

How to use Optim to protect your home network

Optim runs in-depth analysis on your WiFi network. Together, Optim’s artificial intelligence and machine learning use advanced analytics to make your network smarter by building security profiles for every connected device in your home. Then, the platform proactively optimizes your home network based on these security profiles.

With Optim, you can use self-service tools to fix identified issues by yourself – or maybe with the help of your service providers’ technician via remote troubleshooting. Either way, a technician doesn’t need to come out to your home to assess any issues (the AI and machine learning do this for you). So, you save both time and money on both ends.

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