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Mass Communication-The Future of AI in the Telecom Industry -B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Artificial Intelligence is conquering almost every sector, including the telecommunications and mobile app development industry. This technology has begun to provide new dimensions to every industry by accelerating the digital transformation.

The possibility of Artificial Intelligence in the Telecommunications industry is enormous. It can help organizations to generate higher revenues and strengthen customer relationships. A recent survey conducted at the Mobile World Congress indicates that technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expected to bring out massive changes in their respective sectors. Most of the largest telecoms around the globe have already begun to adopt AI and Machine Learning in multiple ways.

Some of the most common applications are discussed below:

Why is the Telecommunications industry retorting to Artificial Intelligence?

There are multiple benefits for the telecommunication industry once they integrate AI technology. Some of them are discussed below.

#1 Higher Revenue

All the major organizations involved in the business sector are focussing on maximum revenue growth by cutting down the running costs. The telecommunication industry is also trying out its maximum to reduce down the operating costs and thus make higher revenue. The telecommunication industry is one of the sectors that have to deal with massive loads of data. The major problem is that customer data are present in a mixture of various sources. So managing them through the manual means will be time-consuming, and wells involve a lot of additional expenses. But with AI and ML (Machine Learning), the management of Big Data will be much easier. They can even link the present CRM system with AI and thus improve customer service.

#2 Optimizing Mobile Tower Operations

The regular maintenance of mobile towers is another hurdle that the telecommunication companies have to go through. They require on-site inspections to make sure that all the valuable types of machinery and equipment are functioning correctly. So in such circumstances, the companies can use AI-powered video cameras at mobile towers. Also, with the use of AI, it helps us to notify the operators in real-time during the situations of hazards or other disasters like fire, smoke etc. They can try installing IoT sensors at the mobile towers, and various ML algorithms can be utilized to analyze the big data and thus make use of them efficiently.

#3 Better Customer Service

Another advantage that Artificial Intelligence provides to the field of telecommunications is the automation of the customer service mechanism. We all know that “Customer is the King”. So offering the best customer care service is a strategy that every business should focus on. If the Customer is not satisfied with the services provided by there is a possibility where they shift to the better service providers. So managing them efficiently is not easy when done by the manual or conventional ways. That’s where the advantages of artificial intelligence come into play. It helps you a medium through which the Customer can interact with us 24*7 and provide the necessary resolution then itself. Some of the examples are chatbots, etc.

#4 Fraud Detection

Machine Learning algorithms are made use to cut down the fraudulent activities happening in the telecom industry like fake profiles, illegal access, etc. With the aid of these advanced Machine Learning algorithms, the system can detect the anomalies occurring on a real-time basis. It will be far more effective than what human analysts can perform.

#5 Predictive Analytics

All the telecom service providers have to deal with a vast amount of data in their day-to-day operations. With technologies like AI and ML, they can derive better business insights from the data. Also, they can thus make faster and effective business decisions. This process is called Predictive Analytics. Some of the major benefits of Predictive Analytics are customer segmentation, customer churn prevention, to predict the lifetime value of the customer, product development, improving margins, price optimization, etc.

The Future of AI in the Telecom Industry

The integration of artificial intelligence technology with the telecommunications industry is aiding the various communication service providers in managing, optimizing and also maintaining the infrastructures. Also, in managing the customer support functionalities.

Since the AI tools and applications are becoming upgraded quickly, definitely AI will only accelerate the Telecommunication industry. Well, let us wait and watch

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