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Mass Communication-Device Insight and Sentian launch the era of “Artificial Intelligence of Things”-

New alliance connecting AI and IoT.

  • Holistic production optimization with AI + IoT = AIoT

  • Intelligent automation by linking IoT data and smart AI algorithms including reinforcement learning

  • Companies increase production efficiency by up to 30 percent

Device Insight, established provider of IoT and IIoT solutions, and Sentian, a Swedish specialist in industrial AI, are pooling their expertise to help companies optimize their production processes along the lines of a Smart Factory.

This cooperation combines both of the most important current fields of technology, AI and IoT, to form an “Artificial Intelligence of Things” (AIoT) and at the same time take the intelligent automation of industrial manufacturing processes to a whole new level, enabling companies to increase the efficiency of their production by up to 30 percent.

Until now, most industrial companies have concentrated on predictive maintenance, leaving the opportunity to optimize their core processes with the help of artificial intelligence unused. In fact, it is precisely these gradual improvements in production processes that offer promising business value, enabling companies to significantly increase their product quality level as well as the efficiency of their operations.

AIoT makes industrial production “smart” – consistent and durable

The goal of the innovative AIoT approach is to continuously reduce deviations from the optimum within manufacturing processes. Fewer deviations mean improved machine and system performance, less waste and lower costs – and above all, more highest-quality products. The result: income and profit, as well as customer satisfaction will increase noticeably. Production will be transformed into a Smart Factory.

Linking IoT know-how and AI expertise

For the implementation of AIoT projects, Device Insight brings its expertise in connecting machines, aggregating and managing IoT data and linking AI applications into the partnership. Additional added value is created by the Munich-based IoT pioneer’s many years of expertise in the analysis and visualization of evaluations based on high-performance IoT components.

Swedish AI specialist Sentian contributes its advanced algorithms and solutions that help reduce deviations within individual production processes or even entire plants. Sentian’s mathematical optimization approach is groundbreaking, allowing fast and extremely precise planning as well as flexible replanning throughout production. Another special component is Sentian’s novel, model-based approach to “Reinforcement Learning” – the latest development in deep learning.

Why predictive maintenance is not enough

Thanks to this unique combination of AI and IoT, Device Insight and Sentian are now able to accompany companies on the way to intelligent production – away from individual solutions and selective improvements, such as those possible with predictive maintenance, and towards a holistically optimized smart factory.

“Predictive maintenance is still very important for the industry. When it comes to process optimization, however, predictive maintenance can only be of limited help,” says Marten Schirge, Managing Director at Device Insight.

“The real challenge within industry lies elsewhere. These days, many control systems are outdated and not very adaptable, while at the same time machines are becoming increasingly complex. This is the conflict area where we begin with AIoT. Together with our partner Sentian, we want to help companies fully exploit the hidden potential for better efficiency, higher quality and ultimately more profit.”

“Bringing AI to the core of production enables companies to truly benefit from AI”, says Martin Rugfelt, CEO at Sentian. “The potential of AIoT and our cooperation to deliver fully scalable solutions provides proof of value rather than just technical proofs. AI is ready to be operationalized.”

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