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For an industry that’s battling challenges of continually rising costs, disparate ways of managing medical records, and a perceived lack of engagement with patients, there’s a prescription at hand. Chatbots are turning problems into opportunities for healthcare providers. By making access to information quick and easy, and enabling a more personalized and engaging channel of interactions, AI-charged bots are helping healthcare providers deliver their services effectively and bridge the gap with those in the need of aid.

From Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Conversational User Interface (CUI)

Mobile apps or healthcare website rely on GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) that requires users to navigate menus, screens to access services or seek information. But smart bots offer a two-way interaction based on text or voice input and draw context from the conversation to meet a user’s needs.

Some Use Cases of Bots in Healthcare Industry

Chatbots for Patients

AI-powered bots give personalized medical care and reminders for appointments and medications. The bots can be treated as a virtual assistant that tells the patients what and when to take medicines.

Chatbot Provide Convenience

Healthcare bots provide a 24/7 assistance for patients to check existing prescription, help renewing prescriptions or discuss about their symptoms. For providers, the convenience and efficiency that bots offers allows the medical staff to focus on other complex triage requests.

Chatbots Scheduling Appointments

Bots are designed to enforce better follow-up of medical care that can help hospital deliver better patient care, curb poor patient engagement and improve overall health outcomes. Chatbots are particularly effective when it comes to scheduling appointments with doctors, matching patients with the right specialists based on diagnosis, and keeping track of their follow-ups and appointments for future reference.

Support & Information

Medical bots cover the entire workflow of patient care - everything from symptom checking to appointment booking to handling FAQs. Patients can get their follow-up questions answered by a chatbot instead of calling up the hospital for a simple piece of information. It reduces the number of repetitive support calls that the staff of a clinic/hospital need to take, letting them focus on more major tasks, leading to a well-managed healthcare system.

Chatbots can be utilized for coverage and claims. Utilization of chatbot services can simplify the way user checks information for their applied or existing claims, track the status of a claim. A bot can also answer questions related to billing queries easing the work of both doctors and patients.

Chatbots help providers improvise their processes in many new ways:

  • Provide answers to FAQs in a quick and efficient manner

  • Schedule appointments and consultations

  • Track patients’ records to reduce readmissions

  • Notify with alerts and reminders for prescription refills and care guidelines

  • Ease the process of admission, discharge and transfer requests.

  • Update record systems with patients’ medical history.

  • Update with patient referrals

Create bots for every healthcare use case with chatbot platform

At we develop chatbots for healthcare industry with the highest standards of security. The bots built on’s platform include deep analytics and user behavior insights. bots can be integrated on various channels like Facebook messenger, Telegram, Slack and other channels with speed, accuracy, conversation flow with error management to bring efficiency to your operations.

The healthcare bots built on the bot builder can help access various data silos and information to provide the required information securely, in full compliance with standard healthcare regulations. Read our earlier blog, which clearly explains how intelligent, conversational UIs add value in the healthcare context and how players can catch up in the innovation race.

The Bots Platform provides the tools, processes and methods required to develop business-ready chatbots or virtual assistants.

For elevating healthcare delivery and ensuring better patient outcomes with the power of AI-driven chatbots, check out our Healthcare Executive Brief.

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