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EDUCATION -Significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) in education. B-AI

We all are well aware of the fact that technology is moving swiftly towards world transformation. Technology talks have been all around the internet. Two such trending words that we all hear a lot about these days, even if we are not related to science or technology are; AI & ML.

Machine Learning (ML) is playing a major role in reforming the education sector along with the other industries. Today, let’s understand its significance in the field of education.

But even before we dive right into understanding how ML is of paramount importance in serving the education space, we will quickly interpret these two giant terms for you in the simplest way possible!

So what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)? And how are they impacting the world?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enhancing the ability of machines to carry out tasks in the quickest & easiest way which we would consider smart.

Still finding it difficult to understand? No worry!

Do you know Siri or Alexa? We all must be familiar about these virtual personal assistants. How these human friendly computerized machines help us in all our day to day activities is a good example of AI.

Machine Learning (ML) however is a part of artificial intelligence. It is an application of Artificial Intelligence wherein we feed the machine with data & based on its self-learning, it predicts & presents you with the outputs.

Two best day to day life examples are Google search and Google maps. Have you observed how search engines offer you recommendations based on your previous search results? And how Google maps predict the traffic in your area based on the location data? This all is nothing but machine learning.

Now that we are clear about what these terms actually mean & how they are impacting our day to day lives, let us understand its importance in the education industry.

Gone are the days when acquiring knowledge was only limited to lessons from classroom teacher & textbooks. Today, there is no limit to the number of resources available for the students to gain knowledge & learn new skills. Students can learn anything & everything they want with the help of internet, learning apps designed smartly to help children develop skills at their pace & understanding. Based on the analysis & assessments, these applications structure their lessons with practical examples to help them learn & grasp better.

Another crucial contribution has been in assisting teachers to predict student performances. Machine learning has made it possible for teachers to monitor student performances based on the data available which earlier was difficult for them as they had to monitor so many students at a time.

Teachers can accelerate the teaching process with the help of evaluation reports & design academic curriculum accordingly with the help of artificial intelligence.

Another area where Machine learning has emerged out as significant is online/distance education. Online education has become a lot popular in the recent years due to the kind of comfort & learning experience AI is able to provide them. More & more students are adopting online education methods.

Another way how artificial intelligence is proving to be a blessing for the educational sector is by providing personalized teachings. Sometimes giving personalized attention & teaching to every student in a huge class can seem a little difficult for class teachers. With smart apps & softwares designed specially to provide personalized teachings for students, can be helpful to teachers.

At an institute level, these technologies are helping streamline tedious institutional process, thus making them smarter & efficient. Administrative processes can be smart automated only with data integration & data processing.

These were a few ways how AI & ML has been able to gain importance. They will continue to make advancements & make the educational space better & better.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we talk about possibilities of its role in the field of education.

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