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Mass Communication-WISephone Genesis, WISekey’s First Model Of WISephones, Showcased At The Geneva B

WiSephone Delivers Business and Personal Privacy and Security on the Blockchain

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”, SIX: WIHN), a leading cybersecurity and IoT company, announced that WISePhone Genesis, its first model of the family of WISePhones, was showcased at the Geneva Blockchain Congress.

WISePhone Genesis (the entry-level model) and WISePhone Block (the upgraded version which will be available for purchase in early Q2 2019 deliver business and personal privacy and security on the Blockchain. WISePhone is a cost-effective and flexible platform that empowers efficiency and mobility whilst protecting intellectual property and confidentiality by transforming public networks and mobile devices into highly secure communication channels for enterprises.

WISeKey’s Telecommunication Services Provider status under OFCOM, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, allows the company to deploy mobile phone voice encryption solutions.

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WISePhone Genesis The WISePhone Genesis is mobile phone entirely secured by WISeKey integrating and Android OS with specific capabilities of security settlement. The WISePhone Genesis model, which can be used a business and/or personal phone, offers secure communications (email and voice), digital identity, and data on the cloud.

Through a Personal Cybersecurity Hub, WISePhone Genesis model puts users in control of application permissions and offers separate secure environments to protect and separate personal and business data.

WISePhone Block The WISePhone Block edition comes as the Genesis edition with pre-loaded with native WISePhone Application Suite WISeID and WISetalk, WISeKey’s industry-leading, digital identity and communication app that offers encrypted, secure voice calls, conference calling, text and file transfers. WISePhone Block will integrates WISeKey’s innovative hardware and software technologies bringing to market the first and only smartphone powered by WISeCoin cryptocurrency Blockchain technology.

The WISePhone Block edition (available early Q2 2019) comes with a native crypto Wallet, is equipped with a HSM (Hardware Security Module) device and integrates the WISeKey SuisseID Digital Identity enabling cloud based qualified signing capabilities certified by the Swiss Government and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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The WISePhone Block Wallet also uses WISeKey’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) technology to conduct secure contactless payments and it is compatible with most of the existing Blockchain technologies.

Additionally, WISePhone’s Block suite of applications offer voice and text encrypted communication features (WISeTalk), reflecting sophisticated security mechanisms and advanced end-to-end encryption technologies. Furthermore, WISeID keeps users’ data and digital assets protected inside an encrypted enclave (replicated in a secure swiss cloud), while WISeAccess provides additional secure authentication factors to access the WISePhone suite of applications.

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