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Manufacture-How CoRover bot can help in achieving industrial automation through conversational &

Supplies & Inventory

Quite often, the manufacturing industry suffers losses because supplies are collected even before a need for them is registered. Leveraging a chatbot-based query system allows managers to check the status of parts and materials

simply by using any of the omni-channel capabilities provided by CoRover ChatBots. CoRover bot takes customer requests and converts them into a formal order and facilitates successful fulfillment.

Supply chain

The manufacturing industry is heavily reliant on a supply chain management system to glean important information about inventory, shipping and optimizing labor and resources. CoRover offered supply chain bot simplify

interactions between employees, so they have access to all the data they require, thereby increasing overall productivity and engagement.

Vendor engagement

Manufacturing companies have to engage with multiple vendors when in need for raw materials in bulk. CoRover ChatBots, on the other hand, can take up this mundane task, helping the companies make quicker and fairer deals without

involving their workforce. AI-enabled ChatBots can get in touch with vendors, interact with them to understand their services, and decide on whether the vendor is right for their company or not.

Check environment or workplace conditions

CoRover ChatBot plays an instrumental role in controlling the environmental conditions in manufacturing units and ensures smooth functioning of operations. Our ChatBot aligns with existing platform and provide reports on various

equipment metrics. Employees can simply ask the bot questions on the metrics, and make necessary alterations to the temperature, pressure, etc. to ensure that the equipment is performing at maximum efficiency.


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