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CfP Special Issue on "FinTech and the transformation of the Financial Industry"

The financial industry has always been a pioneer in using corporate information systems, inter-organizational networks, and electronic markets. Electronic exchanges have replaced physical trading floors, and the increased use of (standardized) application systems has spurred the transformation of financial value chains towards more specialization and diversification. The most recent development in the financial industry is “Financial Technology” (FinTech). FinTech comprises a broad variety of innovative solutions and new business models enabled by information technology. Examples are solutions for customer interactions (e.g. personal finance management), for payments (e.g. payments based on Blockchain technology), and for funding and lending (e.g. crowdsourcing/-funding) and insuring (e.g. usage-based insurance). The FinTech phenomenon has the potential for triggering the next transformation of financial value chains. Incumbents and new (start-up) businesses have allocated substantial funding and attention to the implications of FinTech.

Central issues and themes

The special issue on “FinTech” of Electronic Markets (EM) aims to attract research that advances the understanding of FinTech and its impact on the financial industry. Along the scope of the journal the impact of technology in linking financial service providers, customers and suppliers on business models, processes and system architectures are of particular interest. This also comprises electronic platforms, such as app-stores, comparison or crowdsourcing sites, which may be conceived as electronic markets. This special issue aims to gather innovative research papers in this area, which might address the following topics:

  • Analyses of FinTech market(s)

  • Interoperability of FinTech solutions

  • Case studies of FinTech solutions

  • Integration of FinTech with traditional financial services/ products

  • Technological enablers of Fintech (e.g. Internet of Things, Smartwatches)

  • FinTech and core banking systems

  • Network effects of FinTech solutions

  • Transformation of existing value chains

  • Future role of incumbents (e.g. banks, insurance companies)

  • New business models and developments of electronic exchanges

  • Key technologies that transform the financial value chain

Additional topic suggestions are welcome. All papers will be peer reviewed and should conform to Electronic Markets’ publication standards. Electronic Markets is a SSCI-listed journal and supports methodological and theoretical pluralism, i.e. empirical or theoretical work, qualitative research, design science, are all welcome. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the special issue, please contact the guest editors.

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