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Put AI into action and empower everyone in your organization

New circumstances require that we find new ways of doing things. Because of the current global health crisis, I had to do something I’ve never done before: deliver a full keynote from a spare, upstairs bedroom in my house. It occurred to me that a fitting start to my speech would be to welcome everyone to my home!

I have to say it was quite a different experience speaking to an audience of industry leaders without having actual people in the room. I love the energy that flows from connecting with live audiences – although I have to say the unconditional acceptance from my dog Buddy, who attended from start to finish, was a welcome morale boost! The keynote I gave, “Building an AI-Powered Organization,” was a part of today’s Imagining the Future virtual summit about AI.

On the left, Buddy made the perfect audience for an at-home keynote, delivered to the audience on a virtual stage, seen at right.

Circumstances in the world over the past few months have forced all of us to try things we’ve never done before. Life and business, as we know it, have been disrupted. Now is the time to think through how we can innovate and transform our way of doing business going forward. The next 12 to 18 months will be a critical defining period for many businesses, and artificial intelligence will most certainly will be a catalyst.

Right now, helping your business survive may be top of mind, as you focus on process optimization, cost efficiencies, safeguarding your customer base and mitigating risk. AI technologies available today can bolster your efforts in each of these areas. Yet, as you work to find your organization’s new normal amid economic uncertainty, you have the potential to redefine your business – and to transform your organization’s potential.

To transform is to embrace the potential of “what if.” As you respond to the challenges your business is now facing, let yourself also reimagine what’s possible. Consider how you can tailor innovation to your organization’s unique value – and how incorporating AI into your solutions and your strategy can enable every person in your organization to use technology in meaningful and relevant ways.

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