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Current Trends of AI and ML in the Education Sector - B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two interesting terms that are buzzing around. These two upgraded technologies have made our lives faster. Machines are upgraded with Artificial intelligence and Machine learning which are meeting with the standards of human knowledge and intelligence in every field. Due to the technological revolution, led to a greater and quicker deal of things that made lives easier.

For example – suggesting similar and relevant pictures on Facebook, Online shopping portals, Google Maps and many more are because of AI and Machine learning technology. Apart from these sources, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is also introduced in the Education sector by introducing human intelligence to understand various factors in education.

Current Trends of AI and ML in the Education Sector

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in education sector helped the institutions to adopt the cloud technology which has reduced various operational costs.

  • It helped in segmenting the entire process of education online and led to easy access of the subjects through various integrated software’s.

  • It leads to the development of artificial instructors, virtual facilitators, intelligent tutors, interactive websites, delivery systems and many more.

  • The advent of digital- enabled classrooms, cloud-based content, e-books, online assessments and many more were developed due to the deployment of AI and Machine learning in the educational field.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality is one of the finest development which can be accessed from AI and Machine learning. Many universities and colleges are using this upgraded technology to explain the life-like experience in diverse subjects like history, science, geology and many more. This AR/VR technology helped the students to interact with various topics through animations, images HD movies etc. This technology had become the best support system to the teachers and educators in achieving highly reliable subject oriented experience.

  • Adaptive learning techniques, speech recognition, analyzing the problems are one of the best developments that can be seen in the educational sector through AI and Machine learning technology.

  • Personalizing the data became easier through AI and Machine learning technology. Huge data that have been saved in books and registers are shifted directly to intelligent systems which will record, analyze and provide appropriate insights through upgraded technology.

  • Online Assessments are one such example where the entire world uses in the educational sector to assess the student. Because of development in technology, a student got a chance to take the assessment, upload the assessment, learn them anywhere. These assessments are available at multiple platforms and are provided by a detailed interactive personalized dashboard which helped the teachers to assess the performance of the student appropriately.

  • AI and ML technology became a very good source to specially-abled students to get educated well. Due to the advancements in the technology, many specially-abled students got a chance to learn the subject through speech recognition, VR technology and helped them to overcome the toughest topics easily and perfectly.

In 2018, many changes were observed in EdTech. Many institutes have already adopted this technology and proved many advanced improvements in their system. It helped the entire education system to train the students in developing their skills and grow according to the developing world.

Future Scopes of ML and AI in the Education Sector

According to the latest statistics, 16% of U.S jobs were lost in last decade due to the advancement in the EdTech and about 13.6 million new jobs were created to deal with the growing trend and every university is proposed to teach Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to the students. The future of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is quite promising in this industry and shows a lot of growth in the coming years.

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), there will be 38% i.e. USD 2 billion dollars of growth in the education market by 2023. Almost all the countries will adopt the new and upgrading techniques of AI and ML.

Global AI in Education Market, 2018–2023 (USD Billion)

The prominent players in the market of AI and ML in the education sector:

  • IBM Corporation

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Google

  • com, Inc.,

  • Cognizant

  • Pearson

  • Bridge-U

  • DreamBox Learning

  • Fishtree

  • Jellynote

  • Jenzabar, Inc.,

  • Knewton, Inc.,

  • Metacog, Inc.,

  • Querium Corporation.

  • Century-Tech Ltd

  • Blackboard, Inc.,

  • Third Space Learning

  • Quantum Adaptive Learning, LLC

Apart from today’s development, many new changes are going to be seen in the future. Many AI software is going to be introduced to provide additional support to the education system which will show personalized learning and complete student engagement in various subjects.

  • With the help of AI and ML technology, many new machines will be introduced which will have abilities like data identifying, data processing, learning, speech recognition, personalized learning, assessing etc.

  • AI and ML will assist the student. Robots with these technologies will replace the professors and tutors.

  • Each student will get assessed by one personal tutor i.e one personal robot who will assist the student completely and teach them according to the student’s capability.

  • Highly customized and interactive software’s will get developed with the help of virtual and augmented reality technology.

  • Digital platforms will grow to a larger extent. Students will have the chance to access digital platforms for learning. Students will also get a chance to use tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices which will be used to assess the student and helps the student to teach and learn various concepts in education. Digital platform will accelerate the student’s performance and help them to understand the concepts clearly.

  • The new technology will minimize the time in all administrative tasks and helps the institutions to assess the student quickly in order to design his/ her personalized learning plan.

  • By 2023, there will be a lot of growth in applications and systems like Content Delivery Systems, Natural Learning Process, On-Cloud technologies.

  • With the help of AI and ML technology, a student will have higher chances to learn and monitor the student. Highly interactive tools help the student and teacher to analyze and assess the students’ performance in various subjects.

  • Online education or E-Learning will become the major and crucial part of the education system. It will create Immersive experience in a student’s life and provides various adaptive techniques which will enable the student to focus on methods and reasons rather than traditional facts and myths.

The use of AI and ML in EdTech will be a game changer in the coming future. Deployment of these technologies will give a chance to have a special focus on the students by providing both experimental and analytical learning process which will ultimately lead the students to understand the concept well. It will also bring many new opportunities to maintain the management, reduce the effort and learning gaps between the student and teachers.

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