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FINTECH-FinTech trends for entrepreneurs beyond 2020-B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Entrepreneurs in the FinTech space have had to rethink their strategies to drive growth across their product offerings and are applying technology to revolutionise access to credit and payments. 27 CLAPS +0 +0 "There are decades when weeks happen and weeks when decades happen" This has been one of the most repeated quotes of this year. 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic have left a deep impact on millions of lives around the world. Much has been written, spoken, and analysed about a microscopic organism that managed to bring the tallest to their knees. With recent news suggesting that there is a positive downward trend in the infection rate in India and things beginning to look up, one can only hope that this is a trend that continues and we emerge out of this crisis. Every crisis is an opportunity and this one is no different. Monumental levels of behavioural shift and transformation have occurred which was neither imagined nor predicted before March. This behavioural shift marked by a heightened focus on health, improved awareness for basic hygiene, and corporate India's adoption of work from home policies

A few trends within FinTech are emerging as clear indicators, and it is important for businesses of all scale and size to rethink their approach to evolve at a robust strategy to not just survive but thrive. Retail investments and trading A trading boom in the US added a record number of retail accounts and daily average revenue trades mirrored in the growth shown by a few companies which continue to add lakhs of retail users to the platform every month, a clear trend emerges in the space. According to recent press releases, a leading Indian financial company averages about 50-60 lakh daily trades. Clearly, there's a long way to go and this sector is only getting started.

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