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Enhancing the Classroom with Chatbots

As chatbot technology advances, more use cases are surfacing across nearly every sector imaginable. Recently, bots have begun being implemented in education, and the foreseeable advantages are far-reaching.

The regulation mandates need for operational and technological controls for protection against data violation, and grants new rights for individuals in treatment of their personal data. In short, the GDPR underpins data governance for all kinds of businesses to define data protection rules specific to them.


The younger generations are typically among the first to embrace new tech, and recent trends are showing a massive move away from single-utility apps and websites to general messaging platforms and social media.

With a bot-building platform like SnatchBot, bots can be deployed to all channels with a single click; the bots can be where the students already are, eliminating the need for multiple email accounts or online portals. Students can simply message a bot on their preferred platform—whether it's Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or any number of others—and get a response in seconds.


In education, time, funds, and resources are typically limited. As some teachers and professors have already discovered, the benefits of having a chatbot available to one's students are numerous. To name a few:

  • Bots can answer questions about deadlines, lesson plans, and curriculums.

  • Bots are able to issue educator evaluations and streamline the data analysis process.

  • Bots can help teachers stay current on new standards and assessment models.

  • Bots can help students understand difficult concepts in a way that feels as if they are being taught by another person.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence allows bots to draw context from a conversation and reply in a way that is personal, engaging, and conversational. And each task that a bot can handle instead of an educator gives them more time to focus on their primary role: educating.

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When it comes to education, there are more than just students and teachers to consider. Administrators can also greatly benefit from the use of smart chatbots to assist in a variety of automated tasks.

For example, bots can:

  • Assist with the filing of applications.

  • Accept tuition payments.

  • Assign course schedules.

  • Provide answers to hundreds of commonly-asked questions.

  • Schedule meetings or phone calls when human intervention is required.

The general benefits of bots are that they are fast to respond, always available, and can be deployed to any number of channels, making them the ideal assistant to any administrator that finds themselves inundated with similar questions each school year.

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