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Algorithmic Trading Market Research - B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Algorithmic Trading is Rising

Algorithmic Trading involves pre-programmed trades to efficiently and automatically execute financial trading. It is commonly used by Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Mutual Funds and other Institutional Investors. Algorithms are a set of rules and instructions made by computer programs. Finance companies use algorithms on the stock exchange to automate the execution of new changes in the market without any human intervention. With the rise of Data Science and Technology in Finance, Algorithmic Trading is on the rise and is transforming Financial Markets.

How Market Research Supports Financial Companies

Organizations and firms have many reasons to rely on market research. First, it propels growth. It also helps firms come up with ideas on how to introduce new market triggers. Research is essential when companies are launching new products or devising new services. Here’s why you should invest in Strategic Market Research.

1. It helps to minimize investment risks

Research helps businesses to narrow their focus to a specific potential market group, hence reducing costs on product testing, market testing, and overall marketing plan.

2. It helps you to recognize potential opportunities and threats

You can use both secondary research (desk research) and primary research (fieldwork). You can think of these methods as insurance. They protect you from the dangers that may lie ahead to hamper potential growth. Why is the use of efficient qualitative research a good idea? Firms can use it to highlight and identify specific threats or opportunities. Under other circumstances, you might have ignored these opportunities and threats.

3. Market Research helps your firm discover competitors’ weaknesses and strengths

Market Research is useful in the FinTech market. Firms that rely on new technology advancements can benefit from thorough market research. Make sure a reputable company does your market research.

Research and Competitive Intelligence can help you to anticipate market movements. Corporate Intelligence that leverages Game Theory and Scenario Planning can help you to understand the motivations of competitors.

It’s best to adopt an “eyes wide open” approach to any research project. Research done by professional analysts will help you discover potential competitor gaps. You can fill these gaps and exploit them as possible growth engines for your firm.

4. It helps firms to spot emerging trends

Proper market research can help firms discover new business trends. These trends can help to keep the firms ahead of their competitors. When businesses notice them, it’s easier to launch relevant new products and services.

Businesses use quantitative research to give a numerical value to problems. This type of research generates useful statistical data. Enterprises use it to quantify behaviors, opinions, attitudes, and other variables. These variables relate to the potential market of your business.

Alternatively, firms use Qualitative Research to understand underlying opinions, reasons, and motivations. It provides insights into the problems faced by your business or organization. In this way, it offers new ideas and possible solutions.

Market Research can be a huge benefit to Algorithmic trading firms as they navigate the complicated financial markets. It will help you to make better short- and long-term decisions for your company.

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