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HUMAN RESOURCES- Here's how AI is transforming HR- B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Artificial Intelligence in HR

AI-powered technologies are getting acceptance worldwide. Every business to every department of every business AI’s influences is being felt across. Especially when it comes to the HR department of a company, which is a key department, organizational leaders have understood the future of HR is both digital and human. From recruitment to employee experience, and talent management, AI has the potential to transform HR.

So here are my top 5 reasons on how AI is transforming the Human Resources industry:

Personalized Employee Experiences

HR is no more just a hire and fire department. Now, it is more about enhancing employees' experience in a company while strengthening business. Hence, the future of HR will be centered on the employee experience and personalized engagement. AI can be effectively woven into HR functions like an employee’s onboarding program. For example, new employees who want to connect with other employees or looking for more organizational information may not know where to go. Hence, Conversational AI for the HR system will quickly resolve new employee’s queries by providing the names, locations, and contact information for people they should connect with.

Better Decision Making

The HR role is very critical and important when it comes to acquiring new talent for the company. Using AI in the acquisition process just not make the process faster but also helps in making more better sane decisions and save a lot of costs incurred due to poor hiring decision. Talent acquisition software can scan, read, and evaluate applicants and quickly eliminate most of them from the recruiting process.

This is a huge benefit as it allows the recruiter to spend more time analyzing and evaluating only a smaller group of eligible candidates and thus increasing the quality of hiring decisions.

Employees Learning & Training

Today, in this ever-changing technological era, knowledge must be constantly updated. All employees must keep learning and improving professional skills. AI can successfully plan, organize, and coordinate training programs for all staff members.

Also, Company e-learning platforms can, therefore, leverage AI capabilities to improve employee job-related skills by planning, organizing, and coordinating employee training.


Retaining talented employees in a company is as difficult as hiring. Hence, it is very important to understand the need and requirements of employees. However, AI can analyze and predict the needs of employees. The AI-based analysis helps HR to understand individual preferences and employee performance and also get to identify who should get a raise and who is likely to resign. Retention-oriented AI technologies let HR teams prepare individually adapted feedback surveys, reward systems, and recognition programs that further engage employees.

Automation of Administrative Tasks

There are several repetitive, time-consuming tasks that HR has to perform daily such as payrolls, employee data, report generation, data management, etc. AI can sort out and automate all these tasks and thus HR employees can focus on business and building meaning human relationships.

Lastly, the demand for unique human skills will grow, according to the Future of Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum projects that 75 million current jobs will be displaced as artificial intelligence takes over more routine aspects of work. While AI will excel tasks that rely on data processing and pattern recognition, completing these functions faster and more efficiently will require more employees’ upskilling programs.

The “human” aspect of human resources shouldn’t be neglected now or even in the future. From making the final hiring decisions to finding creative ways to keep workers engaged, CHRO’s and the HR directors must know their employees and their organization in ways AI software doesn’t

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