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HUMAN RESOURCES- Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources- B-AIM PICK SELECTS

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources (HR) not only helps to shortlist and recruit the best candidates but also tracks their evolution and performance in the workplace.

Traditional recruitment processes and systems often lead to hiring candidates who are not a perfect match for an organization. Hiring the ideal candidate is always a challenge for recruiters and managers. Another problem that HR professionals often face is managing the existing employees well and improving their performance. As a result, recruiters are now leveraging technology to automate tasks and increase their productivity. Artificial intelligence is a technology that has gained tremendous popularity in the recent years. AI has applications across numerous industries. AI’s global market share is expected to reach $59 million by 2025. This statistic is a sign that all industries, including recruitment, must embrace AI to stay future-proof. Changing the hiring process by using AI in HR will lead to an overall improved work process.

A Fairer Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence can be used by industries to improve the way they hire candidates. AI operates on algorithms provided to businesses. These algorithms analyse a plethora of resumes, in search of the perfect candidate, much more efficiently when compared to the traditional hiring process. Apart from this, AI can act as a chatbot, communicating with candidates and scheduling meetings or interviews with them. AI can also assist organizations by predicting how well a candidate will perform and the likelihood to absorb a company’s culture. Biases often affect the entire hiring process. With AI’s intervention in the hiring process, candidates can rest assured that they won’t suffer any prejudices in the process of getting hired. With such innovations in technology, AI in HR is an application that holds the potential to change the way we recruit candidates.

Retaining the Best Candidates

Another common problem faced by recruiters is retaining employees. For this, HR teams need to ensure that every employee in the organization is happy. With the use of AI in HR, mapping employee behaviour becomes easy for the recruitment team. With the right AI tools, HR executives can set goals for employees and monitor each employee's performance.

Furthermore, AI assists in determining what can be the best steps for improving employees performance when they are underperforming. AI can suggest whether an individual requires intense training or just the right feedback. Besides, authorities can use AI to determine when an employee’s performance cannot be improved any further and that relieving them from their duties would be the best move.

AI is changing and affecting everyday lives in numerous ways. Recruiters can transform their hiring process with the help of this technology. As technology does not discriminate, candidates can expect a bias-free selection environment with the advent of AI.

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