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HUMAN RESOURCES- How blockchain solves today's global problems in HR- B-AIM PICK SELECTS

Today, HR specialists have to deal with uncertainty in resumes, reliability of recommendation letters and overall problem with the trustworthiness of candidates. Most of the time people can’t get the position in the company they desire because of their poor pitching skills, even if they are great at the job. This situation has to change, and blockchain has a potential to create the new ecosystem where achievements can speak for themselves.

The definition of “good candidates” is not well defined. How qualified are they? What was the assessment scale? How well did they perform to fulfill the plan? What was the overall performance? What are their talents? To date, there are two core difficulties in recruitment and job hunting processes:

  1. There is no confidence in candidates who come to a company for a job interview. Their level of professionalism can be confirmed only by the recommendations from previous employers. And they may not be considered as reliable as they should be.

  2. Recommendations are too general or very subjective. They do not convey the real professional competencies of a candidate. They are often written just to observe formalities and do not provide with objective information.

People are fundamentally important for developing any business. It is a good and healthy team that helps a company to grow and succeed in business. In any business area, the people make all the difference and create the basis for company growth and development.

Blockchain technology has possibilities to solve all of these problems. The decentralized power of blockchain makes it possible to create a reliable and transparent reputation system.

What is blockchain technology?

The blockchain is a unique technology for storing data in which there isn’t one aggregate server. The information is stored on the devices of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people (this depends on the particular blockchain). Blockchain has two core advantages: publicity and reliability. Records can’t be forged since they are stored by all participants in the system.

Financial operations are one of the most common direction for the blockchain technology these days. It is confirmed by hundreds of startups who develop their products in the fintech niche. Nevertheless, it’s important not to forget that blockchain’s power to change people’s lives is not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Personnel selection is the next direction that can be improved by the blockchain technology. It is possible that the next breakthrough in the HRtech market will occur precisely through decentralization. Relations between companies and people is the place that now lacks transparency.

How blockchain will help people and companies

Personnel selection is the area where the blockchain will give a new leap in the development of relations between businesses and people. A unified system of verification of and performance indicators will open new opportunities for recruitment. Here’s how it helps:

  1. Employees with a perfect reputation will find work faster

  2. Companies will save time and money in finding and hiring the right candidates

  3. The competence and professionalism of people will be assessed more quickly

In this case, such system has to meet the following conditions:

  • Data transparency: Anytime any participant can have access to the initial data to make sure that they are right.

  • Data reliability: Not any company or person can change the data to their advantage.

  • Automation of processes: The system should work on mathematical algorithms without intermediaries to exclude or reduce to a minimum the human factor.

  • Independence: The system should not belong to any company to maintain objectivity.

All these conditions are met by the technology of the blockchain, which is the base for Aworker platform. The goal is to create a global system for assessing professional skills and integrating this information to build the good reputation for employees from all over the world.

Blockchain allows people to be more open about themselves. In this case, employees will be able to receive additional compensation for the use of their data. All this is possible because of the Ethereum smart contracts, bits of code that run on the blockchain without the need for a centralized server. With the help of blockchain technology, the labor market will become more transparent and understandable for all parties.

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