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B-AIM PICK SELECTS- How is AI Transforming the Future of Employability?

Considering the ongoing developments in the field of AI, business leaders are confident that combining HR analytics with artificial intelligence can and will change the overall experience of the employability. Several companies are now investing in merging cognitive intelligence with different functionalities of human resources. In our experience of over a decade, we have witnessed, when AI is integrated into employability, it has improved the HR analytics, thus enhancing recruitment programs. Today, recruiters and HR management personnel expect custom made experiences for their requirements, and AI in HR analytics helps in providing customized business solutions.

According to Quantzig’s HR analytics experts, “AI helps in identifying patterns using HR analytics to predict the percentage of the workforce that is most likely to churn.”

AI in HR Analytics: Key Business Benefits

1: Improve recruitment process

AI in HR analytics helps a business to sift through a huge candidate database to identify the best candidate for their organization. It can also help businesses to extract critical insights from a candidate's historical data.

2: Improve employee retention rates

AI in HR Analytics helps in identifying hidden patterns using cognitive intelligence and helps in predict ing about the workforce who is most likely to churn. It helps the HR personnel to retain the best talent within the organization.

3: Workflow automation

Scheduling interviews and sifting through candidate data is a time-consuming task and is prone to human bias and errors. But AI can help in initiating automation in interview scheduling, providing feedback, and employee handling. Thus, AI in HR analytics not only helps in saving time, but it is also cost-efficient.

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