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My Internship at B-AIM

Hi This is Sakshi Rajput. I am studying Journalism under Mumbai University and currently, I am an intern in digital marketing for B-AIM, VISAKHAPATNAM. I reside in Mumbai: the CITY OF DREAMS. From the time I entered Visakhapatnam and started working as an Intern, many people became curious and started enquiring that why an internship in Vizag and not in Mumbai!? My answer to those is that one place becomes boring and Life turns out to be casual. I wanted something different. Also, it is my first year so I thought to come to Visakhapatnam and decided to do my first internship here because I have done my intermediate here and trust me guys this is the place you will love for sure if you are a close to nature kind of person. The beaches and mountains are aesthetic in Vizag. As a Mumbaikar, you wish a holiday away from those busy roads, traffic and the most important: local Trains. This was also a reason to visit Vizag. I love talking so please don't distract me and let's begin talking about my company. My experience during B-AIM I witnessed a gala time working with them. I love my work too. I have always heard that job life is boring, depressing, etc but this all was proved wrong by my company. This is the place where I had a lot of fun, laughed like hell and fortunately I fell in love with my job life. So my work is over and I am going back to my pavilion. I mean, back to the city of dreams: MUMBAI. Honestly, I don't want to leave because I always wanted to work in such company where I can work and have fun too. I got such work but as a intern . I am happy enough that I got great experience but I am feeling low too because I am leaving this company and this place. I am gonna miss this company where the boss is so friendly, co-operative, fun, helpful and trust me people; He is very sweet not at all strict. Also, one more person who helped me in learning digital marketing is My CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER. The boss and the officer helped me a lot. They have helped me and paved a way for my future. My collegues were also very helpful. As I was the youngest one so they always made sure that I am comfortable. So at last, it was a great experiance with the company and with the people. Hope this company will grow and prosper in future. My best wishes is with them. Time to bid farewell. All the very best B-AIM............ Regards Sakshi Rajput

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