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19 online AI education classes that you can take right now

For some us, AI is kind of an iffy proposition. To many, it is nebulous enough to seem like it might replace us or our jobs. And the harbingers of this sea change aren't exactly affirming: every other week in the news, self-driving smart cars keep crashing, with injuries and sometimes fatalities. AI generally doesn’t seem to be that well-received in mass media, either, like in movies like Minority Report or TV shows like Westworld. Because of all this, the public perception of AI might be on the negative side.

A good way to overcome uneasiness, anxiety or fear is simply be learning more about whatever seems to be the issue or problem. AI is still in its infancy, so there may be many jobs, business and investment opportunities in the near future. In fact, one estimate pegged the number of new AI jobs by 2030 at 2.3 million.

Whatever your interest level is in AI we did some research and compiled this list of resources for you to peruse.

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