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  • Mass marketing, also called undifferentiated marketing, involves marketing to the entire market the same way.

  • Mass marketing effectively ignores segmentation and instead generates a single offer and marketing mix for everyone. The market is treated as a homogeneous aggregate.

  • Mass marketing aims to reach the largest audience possible, and exposure to the product is maximized.

  • In theory, this would directly correlate with a larger number of sales or buy-in to the product

  • Product: The ideal product for these alumni isn’t just a generic philanthropic donation. Instead, it is a giving opportunity that reflects their significant

  • anniversary ,Promotion: Getting the attention of busy alumni scattered across the world is a challenge

  • Place/Distribution: As people learn about the class legacy fund, the alumni organization wants to make sure the donation opportunity is easy for anyone to act on..

  • Price: For a voluntary donation, “price” can be tricky.  On one hand, the alumni organization wants to encourage donations of any size to the class legacy funds, no matter how small

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