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  • What will be sold and how it will develop into the target market? A real time assistant will be developed and introduced into target market.

  • This will survive in present competition as the tool has additional features with image and voice recognition.

  • Also, a better firewall that will protect product from attack of any malwares.

  • So, patients data will be more secure.

  • Target market is the end consumer, the company want to sell the product.

  • Target market includes separating the whole market into different sections and arranging advertising procedures as required for each portion to build the piece of the overall market share.

  • Not all products have same set of consumers each product has their different set of consumers.

  • So, to target a particular set of customers company must do upgrades to their product to meet the needs for the consumers.

  • There are many steps involved in defining the target market, first we need to understand the problem of a customer.

  • Once it has done customer can be identified very quickly. Two important features company should consider:

  1. Attractiveness of the product- less competition, more income.

  2. When it is in line of failure providing with necessary updates.

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