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  • A Team will approach the investors and will explain the strategy of the tool and may also provide tested beta version with better results than the existing one.

  • Team need to create awareness of the branding. Investment will be repaid as we provide better version than the existing one.

  1. Presentation: Team will visit the investors with a Video presentation of how the tool will work in real time application, which shows the accuracy of the result, error handling and reduced latency then existing one in the market.

  2. Better algorithms: Using python we built better algorithms for Machine Learning.

  3.  Latency: Latency will be reduced 

  4. Durability: Period between launching and ware out will in increased. Sales team: Once the product was fully developed it will be released to target people. As the product has advanced features it will be successful. Whenever a new product is being developed by some other company, we will provide few updates to our existing product so as a result we do not lose our current users. A team will be working on the maintenance of the product. When the product is in its ware out period company will be developing a new product with advanced technology and features to meet the needs of the current and future generations.

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