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  • This pandemic has shown us how important doctors are and we need to protect them from being affected to virus.

  • This tool will act as a bridge between a doctor and a patient.

  • So that, we can avoid the direct contact between the doctor and the patient.

  • Exit strategies are plans executed by business owners, investors, traders, or venture capitalists to liquidate their position in a financial asset upon meeting certain criteria.

  • An exit plan is how an investor plans to get out of an investment. When Are Exit Strategies Used?  Close a non-productive business  Execute a speculation or undertaking when benefit destinations are met. 

  • Close a business in case of a huge change in economic situations  Sell a speculation or an organization. 

  • Offer a fruitless organization to restrict misfortunes. 

  • Lessen proprietorship in an organization or surrender control

  • Significance of an Exit Plan: It is essential to consider an exit plan regardless of whether you do not expect to sell your organization right away.

  • For instance: Individual medical problems or a family emergency You might be influenced by close to home medical problems or experience a family emergency. These issues can remove your emphasis on adequately running the organization. An exit plan would help guarantee the organization will be run easily.

  • A financial downturn: Economic downturns can significantly affect your organization and you may need your organization to abstain from expecting the effect of a downturn.

  • Surprising offers: Large players may hope to obtain your organization. Regardless of whether you do not have any expectations of quickly selling the organization, you would have the option to have a keen discussion on the off chance that you have thought of an exit plan.

  • An unmistakably characterized objective: By having an all-around characterized exit plan, you will likewise have a reasonable objective. An exit plan impacts your vital choices. To exactly, an exit system sounds negative. All things considered, the best explanation behind an exit technique is to arrange for how to upgrade a decent circumstance, instead of escaping an awful one. This permits you to run your startup and spotlight endeavors on things that make it more engaging and convincing to the short rundown of acquirers or purchasers you target. The sort of business you pick ought to rely upon your objectives, and the way you develop it ought to be lined up with your leave methodology. Try not to hold up until you are in a tough situation to consider an exit, rather consider it a progression plan, or a fruitful change.

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