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  • promises to transform the media and entertainment business  impacting everything from content creation to the consumer experience

  • Not only are the researchers trying to make it more advanced and capable but also make it more human-like. For instance, researchers are trying to provide robots with the ability to feel and detect temperature changes, infuse emotional quotients and more. They are also developing robotic skin which will help the machines to understand the sense of touch, temperature change, etc.

  • The improvements in machine learning do sound like sci-fi, but both data and people are important to business communications. Technology has the potential to improve the bond between people and information, allowing for improved qualification of sales leads, better profiling of customers, and enhanced customer service.

  • Whether it’s 3D printed wind turbine blades to improve performance, extremely accurate telecom satellites parts, or radio communication on airplanes, 3D printing is making a huge impact.

  • It is also known by Many other names: talkbot, bot, IM bot, intelligent chatbot, conversation bot, AI conversation bot, talking bot, interactive agent, artificial conversation entity, or virtual talk chatbot

  • Deep Learning Produce the most accurate Results only when they are fed with millions of observations.

  • DroneSense is a drone software platform for public safety officials that takes raw data captured by drones and turns it into actionable insights for police, fire and other emergency teams

  • The AI-powered software assists SWAT teams in gathering scene intelligence, assessing damage after hurricanes and tornadoes and even employs thermal imaging to locate missing persons.

  • While the underlying, but often unquestioned, theoretical assumption in most communication research is that humans are communicators and machines are mediators, within HMC this assumption is challenged by asking what happens when a machine steps into this formerly human role

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