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  • Technological advancements are rapidly changing the face of healthcare, offering a range of benefits.

  • Despite some challenges and risks, AI and robotics have enormous benefits that are changing every aspect of the healthcare ecosystem worldwide. Artificial Intelligence and robotics will give a massive advantage in the field of assisted surgeries, nanobots, and flying robots to provide emergency first aid to people injured in road accidents.

  • Mass 3D printing can be used for replacing teeth, providing hearing aid, and print organs that will be used for students to disect and learn.

  • Machine learning with different algorithms can track patient data and can be analyzed most accurately.

  • Drones with IR thermometers can be used to read patient's temperature within no time and surveilling drones integrated with sensors will drive around the city for detection of emergency.

  • Deep learning can maintain a smart health record, analyzing patients’ diagnostics and tracking patient’s health with wearable devices.

  • Augmented reality mainly used for visualization of surgeries, organ damage and projections.

  • Chat bots here can be used for notifications for patients.

  • Smart objects with advanced wearables will continuously track the patient’s health 24/7.

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