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  • Fintech software development has taken an entry into the traditional financial market, especially bank and we have seen it acting as a disintermediating factor.

  • However, in 2018 we are seeing that it is no longer the bank alone. A number of other financial domains like lending, equity or trading is also ready to invest largely in the fintech software development.

  • As more and more investment flows into the world of fintech, they will turn more mainstream with time.

  • Their market share is soon to rise and many have soon become household names like or NerdWallet.

  • Some businesses which are likely to invest in creating a finance app for auxiliary financial services includes – Money Transfer – Fintech application development is common in this sector.

  • Companies such as TransferWise, Western Union, TransferGo have sprung up to offer peer-to-peer money transfers based on the mid-market value. Mobile Payments and eWallets – This fintech software development saw a steep growth and thanks to all online applications from Uber to Amazon

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