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  • As we are creating a product in the Education sector, our target audience will be mainly students, teachers, and parents.

  • According to research students show more interest in practical learning than normal teachings, for example, two students poor in math given the same problem one student is being taught in normal teaching method, and the other student taught by Business Artificial Intelligence Machine assistant out of both the student taught by assistant proves to be effective.

  • we can create a platform where we can give a student a practical learning environment, we can make a good impact. So by taking continuous feedback from our customers we will know them better and by maintaining quality customer service we can increase our business.

  • The major competitors we have are educational institutions and online learning platforms.

  • Coming to the educational institutions the academic content taught will not update from time to time whereas in AI-driven learning Educational content gets updated and will have multiple methods to solve a single program and the grading system is very effective.

  • online learning platforms use pre-recorded videos to teach students so there won’t be an interaction with students and tutors and they will be available 24/7 for any doubts or queries.

  • so Business Artificial Intelligence Machine tutor or driven learning is more effective than the remaining options.

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